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Sundari Sitaram founded Heart of Ganesh in 2014 in response to the suffering and decimation of elephants she witnessed during a research trip throughout Asia a year earlier. Selling her Yoga Meditation center and personal possessions to fund the beginnings of Heart of Ganesh, Sundari left the USA to live full-time among those she longed to help, transforming her grief into action.

Recognizing that changing the future for elephants requires changing the present for the people who live among them, the Heart focuses on expanding projects which bring together animal welfare and environmental conservation while navigating the societal complications caused by collisions of poverty, climate change, and habitat loss.

Additionally, many millions of native and roaming street dogs in Asia are poorly tolerated and often treated with systemic aggression. Helping ease the suffering of homeless dogs through mobile medical intervention and humane education helps ease the fears of village families, allowing both dogs and people to respond more gently toward one another.

Heart of Ganesh is devoted to creating a kinder world by turning conflict into coexistence and we thank you for joining us in widening the circle of compassion!

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